Leveraging the Wisdom of the Crowds for the Acquisition of Multilingual Language Resources


Scharl, Arno, Sabou, Marta, Gindl, Stefan, Rafelsberger, Walter and Weichselbraun, Albert. (2012). Leveraging the Wisdom of the Crowds for the Acquisition of Multilingual Language Resources. 8th International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC-2012), Istanbul, Turkey


Games with a purpose are an increasingly popular mechanism for leveraging the wisdom of the crowds to address tasks which are trivial for humans but still not solvable by computer algorithms in a satisfying manner. As a novel mechanism for structuring human-computer interactions, a key challenge when creating them is motivating users to participate while generating useful and unbiased results. This paper focuses on important design choices and success factors of effective games with a purpose. Our findings are based on lessons learned while developing and deploying Sentiment Quiz, a crowdsourcing application for creating sentiment lexicons (an essential component of most sentiment detection algorithms). We describe the goals and structure of the game, the underlying application framework, the sentiment lexicons gathered through crowdsourcing, as well as a novel approach to automatically extend the lexicons by means of a bootstrapping process. Such an automated extension further increases the efficiency of the acquisition process by limiting the number of terms that need to be gathered from the game participants.

Keywords: crowdsourcing, language resource acquisition, sentiment detection, sentiment analysis, semantic orientation

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