Discovery and Evaluation of Non-Taxonomic Relations in Domain Ontologies


[weichselbraun2009, self.bib] Weichselbraun, Albert, Wohlgenannt, Gerhard, Scharl, Arno, Granitzer, Michael, Neidhart, Thomas and Juffinger, Andreas (2009). ''Discovery and Evaluation of Non-Taxonomic Relations in Domain Ontologies'', International Journal of Metadata, Semantics and Ontologies, pages 212--222, 4(3)


The identification and labelling of non-hierarchical relations are among the most challenging tasks in ontology learning. This paper describes a bottom-up approach for automatically suggesting ontology link types. The presented method extracts verb-vectors from semantic relations identified in the domain corpus, aggregates them by computing centroids for known relation types, and stores the centroids in a central knowledge base. Comparing verb-vectors extracted from unknown relations with the stored centroids yields link type suggestions. Domain experts evaluate these suggestions, refining the knowledge base and constantly improving the component's accuracy. A final evaluation provides a detailed statistical analysis of the introduced approach.

Keywords: ontology learning, ontology extension, link type detection, non-hierarchical relations, non-taxonomic relations, vector space model

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