Enriching Semantic Knowledge Bases for Opinion Mining in Big Data Applications


[weichselbraun2014a, self.bib] Weichselbraun, Albert, Gindl, Stefan and Scharl, Arno (2014). ''Enriching Semantic Knowledge Bases for Opinion Mining in Big Data Applications'', Knowledge-Based Systems, pages 78--85


This paper presents a novel method for contextualizing and enriching large semantic knowledge bases for opinion mining with a focus on Web intelligence platforms and other high-throughput big data applications. The method is not only applicable to traditional sentiment lexicons, but also to more comprehensive, multi-dimensional affective resources such as SenticNet. It comprises the following steps: (i) identify ambiguous sentiment terms, (ii) provide context information extracted from a domain-specific training corpus, and (iii) ground this contextual information to structured background knowledge sources such as ConceptNet and WordNet. A quantitative evaluation shows a significant improvement when using an enriched version of SenticNet for polarity classification. Crowdsourced gold standard data in conjunction with a qualitative evaluation sheds light on the strengths and weaknesses of the concept grounding, and on the quality of the enrichment process.

Keywords: Web intelligence; Social Web; Big data; Knowledge extraction; Opinion mining; Sentiment analysis; Disambiguation; Contextualization; Common-sense knowledge; Concept grounding

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