“Slot Filling for Extracting Reskilling and Upskilling Options from the Web”


Weichselbraun, Albert, Waldvogel, Roger, Fraefel, Andreas, van Schie, Alexander and Kuntschik, Philipp. (2022). “Slot Filling for Extracting Reskilling and Upskilling Options from the Web”. Proceedings of the 27th International Conference on Natural Language & Information Systems, Valencia, Spain, Accepted: 12 April 2022


Disturbances in the job market such as advances in science and technology, crisis and increased competition have triggered a surge in reskilling and upskilling programs. Information on suitable continuing education options is distributed across many sites, rendering the search, comparison and selection of useful programs a cumbersome task. This paper, therefore, introduces a knowledge extraction system that integrates reskilling and upskilling options into a single knowledge graph. The system collects educational programs from 488 different providers and uses context extraction for identifying and contextualizing relevant content. Afterwards, entity recognition and entity linking methods draw upon a domain ontology to locate relevant entities such as skills, occupations and topics. Finally, slot filling integrates entities based on their context into the corresponding slots of the continuous education knowledge graph. We also introduce a German gold standard that comprises 169 documents and over 3800 annotations for benchmarking the necessary content extraction, entity linking, entity recognition and slot filling tasks, and provide an overview of the system's performance.

Keywords: content extraction,entity classification,entity linking,entity recognition,gold standard,knowledge base population,knowledge extraction,slot filling

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