Dynamic Integration of Multiple Evidence Sources for Ontology Learning


Wohlgenannt, Gerhard, Weichselbraun, Albert, Scharl, Arno and Sabou, Marta. (2012). Dynamic Integration of Multiple Evidence Sources for Ontology Learning. Journal of Information and Data Management, 3(3):243-254


Although ontologies are central to the Semantic Web, current ontology learning methods primarily make use of a single evidence source and are agnostic in their internal representations to the evolution of ontology knowledge. This article presents a continuous ontology learning framework that overcomes these shortcomings by integrating evidence from multiple, heterogeneous sources (unstructured, structured, social) in a consistent model, and by providing mechanisms for the fine-grained tracing of the evolution of domain ontologies. The presented framework supports a tight integration of human and machine computation. Crowdsourcing in the tradition of games with a purpose performs the evaluation of the learned ontologies and facilitates the automatic optimization of learning algorithms.

Keywords: Evidence Integration, Games with a Purpose, Knowledge Evolution, Ontology Learning

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