Dynamic Integration of Multiple Evidence Sources for Ontology Learning


[wohlgenannt2012a, self.bib] Wohlgenannt, Gerhard, Weichselbraun, Albert, Scharl, Arno and Sabou, Marta (2012). ''Dynamic Integration of Multiple Evidence Sources for Ontology Learning'', Journal of Information and Data Management, pages 243-254, 3(3)


Although ontologies are central to the Semantic Web, current ontology learning methods primarily make use of a single evidence source and are agnostic in their internal representations to the evolution of ontology knowledge. This article presents a continuous ontology learning framework that overcomes these shortcomings by integrating evidence from multiple, heterogeneous sources (unstructured, structured, social) in a consistent model, and by providing mechanisms for the fine-grained tracing of the evolution of domain ontologies. The presented framework supports a tight integration of human and machine computation. Crowdsourcing in the tradition of games with a purpose performs the evaluation of the learned ontologies and facilitates the automatic optimization of learning algorithms.

Keywords: Evidence Integration, Games with a Purpose, Knowledge Evolution, Ontology Learning

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